The E4A Foundation

California’s constitution guarantees all children the equal right to be educated. Education profoundly influences a child’s development as a citizen. Education also affects a child’s ability to participate in economic, political and community life. It is pivotal to success and therefore is indispensable and must be provided on an equal basis to all children.

Throughout U.S. history, whenever the right to education has been abridged–whether based on race, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identification or disparate income–courts and legislatures have brought this bias to light and struck down the barriers to equal education. In every case where ignorance or fear has sought to deny an education to California’s children, truth has prevailed to ensure children’s successful futures through education.

In 2015, California witnessed an unprecedented attack on the basic right to education. The California legislature passed Senate Bill 277 (SB 277), depriving California children the right to attend any school–public or private–unless they receive every single one of the 30-38 doses of vaccines according to an arbitrary and rigid schedule. Students who do not fully comply with the vaccine schedule are forced to home school in permanent quarantine.

We believe that SB 277, passed in haste and without demonstrated need, unjustifiably deprives California children of the fundamental right to an education. It also discriminates against the poor who cannot afford to home school; the disabled, who are denied their rights under various federal disability statutes including the Americans with Disabilities Act; persons with religious convictions against vaccines that are grown in cells derived from aborted fetuses; and parents, who exercise their right to make uncoerced informed medical decisions for their children.

On the one hand, California deems education so important that the state compels it. On the other hand, with SB 277, the state has attacked the fundamental right to education itself. By working to overturn SB 277 through raising funds and educating the public on the discriminatory nature of this law, The Education 4 All (E4A) Foundation seeks to redeem California’s promise of equal education for all children. E4A is and will be concerned anytime California children are obstructed or barred from their constitutional right to a public education. SB 277 is E4A’s first endeavor to halt this type of intolerant practice.