Temporary Restraining Order Denied for SB 277 Lawsuit–Plaintiffs Ready to File for a Preliminary Injunction

SAN DIEGO, CA— California parents filed suit last week to challenge California’s new law, SB 277, which bars tens of thousands of children from attending any public or private school in the State of California. The suit requested a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to stop the implementation of the law. It requested emergency relief because the law is already impacting students, such as students who receive special education services during the summer months. The TRO was denied yesterday in San Diego Federal Court. 
Lead attorney Jim Turner stated, “The court did not issue a ruling on its merits but denied the TRO for lack of notice to the State.”
The plaintiffs will file a Motion for a Preliminary Injunction, to prevent children from being denied school enrollment starting in this upcoming school year and continuing until this lawsuit is finally decided by the courts. 
“The plaintiffs are in this for the long haul,” said Robert T. Moxley, co-counsel. “This is just the beginning. We feel confident that SB 277 will ultimately be found unconstitutional, restoring the right for all children in California to receive a classroom education without discrimination.”